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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Prodigal Son 1.6: Bad Boy

Prodigal Son 1.6 brought Ainsley much closer to her dad - at least, much closer to interviewing him - which is good (for her, contra her mother's reservations, and for the overall narrative).   But Bright had little do with this, and instead was focused on the murder of a guy, and the murderer, who turned out to be the guy's young son.

This bad boy story - literally a boy, not figuratively - has been popping up a lot on television, most recently on Evil.  Fortunately, the episode on Prodigal Son had a much better ending than the one on Evil, which I guess is why they call the series Evil.  But I gotta say that, in addition to not being a big fan of this evil with a small "e" child motif because I don't like seeing kids in that position, the set-up and solutions are usually obvious and even trite.

In the case of Prodigal Son, it was obvious as soon as Bright talked the boy with the rabbits that there was something not right with the kid.  And it also was obvious that Bright was turning a blind eye to this, because he himself was the edge of being a very bad boy when he was younger.

That said, Prodigal Son still has an excellent set-up, with memorable characters propelled by strong acting.   Ainsley's arc is slowly taking off, and when it gets higher in the sky, we should be in for some real revelations.   One of the problems with these network shows which try to balance continuing stories with separate episodes is that, the more intriguing the continuing story, the less patience you have for the separate weekly storylines.   My recommendation to Prodigal Son - spend less time on them and more on the underlying tale.  It's almost impossible to pack as much wallop in a new story that will conclude in under an hour than you can in the longer-range story unfolding on our screen.

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