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Monday, October 28, 2019

The Deuce Finale: New York

The Deuce series finale was just on HBO.  Unsurprisingly and appropriately, not much in the way of happy endings.  But ...

Well, that last segment of New York City in 2019 was a mini-masterpiece in itself.  With almost everyone we came to know dead, decrepit, or just not known, we found one clear winner in 2019: the vibrant, cleaner, streets of New York.  Although Vince was less than happy - old and I assume still alive in that last scene, fantasizing not hallucinating on the verge of death as he walked that street - we the audience can't deny that what he saw for real around him was better than what he saw in his prime decades in that place.

The reunion with Frankie was perfectly sad and wise.  The encounter with Candy, coupled with what Vince earlier saw about her career, had a similar mix.   Sadness and wisdom - or time, as Vince told the image of his brother when Frankie told Vince how bad he looked - was dripping and palpable in every frame.

The only one who was ahead at this point was Abby, a successful businesswoman.   Vince doesn't see her in his aged imagination.  She walks down the street after Vince has descended into the subway.  A symbolically on-key tableau of two former star-crossed, porn crossed lovers, missing each other one last time on the street.

I think The Deuce really said and showed some important things.  I'd have liked an even longer finale - what happened to Harvey, for example - but who am I to complain?

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