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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

His Dark Materials 2.5: Daughter and Mother

The powers of good did well tonight in His Dark Materials 2.5, to the point that Lyra's daemon gave Mrs. Coulter's daemon quite a thrashing, which means the daughter thrashed the mother.

But that's not all.  Will mastered the subtle knife, and used it to his and Lyra's advantage.  And while Will and Lyra were at this, they managed to recover Lyra's alethiometer, too.   What more could you ask for?

Well --  and again, I haven't read the novels, so all of this is new (and narratively exciting) to me -- I think Mrs. Coulter is increasingly beginning to work on the side of the good.  This comes from the genuine love she has for her daughter.  It's not clear if she knows the extent of the deadly hostility the Magisterium has for Lyra, but there's no doubt that Coulter will kill anyone who wants to hurt her daughter.   Period.

Not that this an undilutedly good thing, either, however.  The last thing that Coulter tells Lyra tonight is to stay away from Will.  Is this solely because of his knife, which Coulter sees as dangerous to anyone around Will, or is there something more?   Whatever Coulter's motives, Lyra and Will are clearly drawing closer, which means that Coulter and Lyra are still on a collision course.

There wasn't much in furthering our understanding of dust aka dark matter tonight, but it was good to see Mary on the case, and she's our best bet for discovering more about dark matter and explaining it in terms we can understand.  In effect, Mary is our the audience's surrogate in this story, and that's one of the reasons she's become one of my favorite characters.  (Good job Simone Kirby.)

Only two episodes remaining in this excellent short season -- like a human and a daemon? --  and I'm looking forward to both of them.

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