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Monday, December 21, 2020

His Dark Materials 2.6: The Hug and the Control

My two favorite scenes in tonight's altogether excellent episode 2.6 of His Dark Materials on HBO were the hug Mary gave one of those waif girls, and Mrs. Coulter learning she can control the Spectres.

Not much more to say about the hug, other than it was good to see, especially in this hug-reduced age of Covid.  But Coulter controlling the Spectres calls out for a lot more to say, because it changes a lot, maybe even everything.

Up until that scene, Mrs. Coulter was almost a secondary character this season.  She was all but beaten by her daughter Lyra last week.  Now, suddenly, she has mastery of the one of most powerful and deadly forces in any alternate world.  She's gained this control, she said, by suppressing her humanity, and now she's a major evil player again.

Though maybe not as evil as some, like the theocratic Magisterium.  They're after Lyra.  The witches and just about everyone else are on her side.   So, too, is her mother.  Will the Spectres be able to keep Lyra safe from the Magisterium?  And what role will Will and his knife play?

There are so many factors and factions at play in this narrative that it's difficult to keep track.  Let's get back to Mary.  What role will her increasing understanding of the dust play in this battle?  Perhaps we'll see next week, in the season finale.  Or maybe not.  But that's ok, because there'll definitely be a third season next year.... Right?

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