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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Your Honor 1.6: Exquisite Chess Game

The exquisite chess game ramped up in Your Honor 1.6, making it one of the best shows -- the most tightly and harrowingly plotted -- ever seen on television.

Here's what happened, and where the story now stands:  The Judge cleverly tracked down his blackmailer, and had a plan to keep him quiet, without killing him -- and without the Judge knowing that he was being followed by Baxter and his hit-man.  At the same time, Lee got testimony and DNA evidence that Carlo killed Kofi in prison, and let's the Judge know about this.  When Baxter is about to kill the Judge, he tells Baxter that his surviving son is about to be arrested for murder and the Judge can help.  Baxter thinks it over and kills the blackmailer (not because he's a blackmailer, but because the Judge tells Baxter the blackmailer knows "everything").

What a series of moves!  The blackmailer dead is better for the Judge than the plan he had worked out, where the blackmailer could have changed his mind at any time, despite what the Judge told him.  So where do we go from here?

Baxter still think the Judge killed his son.  Adam and Fia are falling in love.   Fia doesn't know yet that Adam is the Judge's son, that her father thinks the Judge killed Rocco, but in fact it was Adam behind the wheel on the terrible morning.  Meanwhile, let's not forget Big Mo, who is getting into a drug dead with Carlo, and won't hesitate to kill Carlo or his father if she gets a clear chance that won't stick to her.  That's a pretty good asset for the Judge, which he doesn't yet know about.

One of the excellent things about this narrative is how every time the deck is even slightly cleared, there's even more simmering, more bombs waiting to go off, than before.  See you back here next week, when we'll see what's standing.

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