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Thursday, May 5, 2022

Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Finale: Resolves and New Vistas

A strong season two finale of Star Trek: Picard on Paramount+, with at least a handful of scenes that were memorable, brought tears to the eyes, and were otherwise very good to see.  Let's divide them between resolved and opening up a new vista:

[Spoilers ahead ...]


  • Well, Q taking his leave from Picard was the piece de la resistance of this season finale.  Beautifully staged and acted.
  • I was glad to see Rios and Teresa together at the end.  But, although I knew that neither could live forever, I would've preferred not hearing how they died.
  • Tallinn's sacrifice was worthy and well played.
  • Agnes becoming the new, good Borg queen was already clear last week.  But it was good to see.
  • Picard and older Guinan -- well, they could see each other again, but that scene in the bar had a finality to it -- and was also good to see
New Vistas:

  • Wesley back -- as a "Traveler," i.e., part of a timeline correction service.  I can go for that.  Will be fun next season (I hope) to see where he goes with Soong's surviving daughter.
  • Speaking of which -- Dr. Soong is still alive at the end.  Not quite a new vista, but certainly not resolved.
  • Seven kissing Raffi -- that could and should definitely go somewhere in the next season.  On the other hand, Q bringing Elnor back to life could say otherwise for Raffi.  So, maybe a new vista, maybe not, definitely unresolved.
  • Happy scene with Picard and Laris at the end -- hope to see more of them next season, too.
So ... I'll see you back next year or sooner, whenever the third and final season of Picard is up.  And much much sooner with review of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds which is now streaming.

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