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Friday, April 22, 2022

Star Trek: Picard 2.8: Borg, Q, Soong, FBI

Well, all kinds of profound developments in episode 2.8 of this strange season of Star Trek: Picard, with all kinds of plots and subplots milling around.

Let's see, I'll try to present them in descending order of importance, with importance defined as the future both of our characters and the universe at large [Spoilers ahead ... ]

1. The Borg Queen has pretty much taken over Agnes, but there's still some Agnes in there.  We know this because Agnes wouldn't have murdered that guy with the beard, but she stops trying to kill Raffi, and Raffi realizes this means that some element of Agnes is still at work inside the Borg Queen.  But even more important than that, the Borg Queen now has an alliance with Dr. Adam Soong, who seems to be getting more evil by the episode.  He's spurred on by his daughter exercising her freedom -- who gave her that get-out-jail free capsule, by the way, Q? (See the next paragraph.)  He's the likely candidate.  But it's interesting to think about how much the daughter leaving Soong suits the plans that the Borg Queen has for him.

2. Q realizes/says he's dying.  'Nuff said. That's a pretty big deal.  Immortality isn't what it used to be.

3. I said last week that I thought the FBI guy was on the Q Continuum.  Ok, I was wrong.  But we did see Q wearing an FBI shirt, and the FBI guy did have an extraterrestrial connection -- he was visited by a Vulcan couple as a boy.  I'll tell you one thing: Earth in this not too distant future sure has a lot of extraterrestrials here and about, and well before the arrival of Picard and company via time travel.  Let's see ... we have Guinan, the Watcher, and now these two Vulcans.  And a lingering question: why did the mind meld on the boy fail?  Was it because the Vulcan didn't do it right, or was there something special about the boy?  I'm betting on the boy.

4.  Not all that important to the universe, but it was nice, once again, to see Rios with the doc and her son -- and this time, on an interstellar ship.

Just two episodes left this season.  Not enough time to resolve some of the issues -- such as the Borg Queen, now assimilating other people, in addition to what she's done to Agnes.  Well, that's a what season 3 is for.  And I'll see you here next week with my review of the penultimate episode of this season 2.

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