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Thursday, April 7, 2022

Star Trek: Picard 2.6: Borg and Soong

Once again, at least three crucially important things in the excellent episode 2.6 of Star Trek: Picard.

[Of course, spoilers ahead ... ]

1. Let's start with the most important, and it's the very last scene of the episode: Agnes, completely under the Borg Queen's control, walking into her and our future down the fabled streets of 2024 Los Angeles.  I told you a few episodes ago that I thought Picard gave in too quickly to Agnes's urging that she merge with the Borg Queen, just temporarily, so she could get our crew out of their fix.  Because as we know all too well, and he, Picard, should have known even better, there is no such thing as temporary when it comes to the merging with the Borg.  At the very least, a part of them is always with you.  And what's happening to Agnes is far more than the very least.  We saw some enjoyable expressions of that episode in 2.6 -- Agnes kissing Rios, Agnes singing a torch song, all of that was great to see.   What comes next will no doubt be far indeed from enjoyable.

2. Picard getting run down by Dr. Soong almost seems small potatoes in comparison.  Of course he's not going to die.  Of course the team agreed to let Laris's lookalike go inside Picard's mind to help him come out.  And, of course she'll succeed.  The really interesting question is what she'll find there, and in what way that will help Picard better offer his love to the real Laris.  (By the way, I'm thinking Picard's Laris might be a Watcher, too -- and they all look alike.)

3. But speaking of Soong, what exactly has he been doing all these years?  Creating genetic replicas of his daughter?  I assume they and his current daughter are human not android.  But making genetic copies is a logical start to his descendant making android copies of himself.  I'm thinking it would be fun to see a series in which the Soongs and their creations were the central characters.

See you back here next week.

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