Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Silk Code in Top 20 of 2007 Podiobooks!

I'm usually trumpeting The Plot to Save Socrates when I talk here about my science fiction novels - which is pretty often - but today I'm pleased to announce that the podiobook of my 1999 novel, The Silk Code - as read by my good friend Shaun Farrell - has made the Top 20 Most Popular Podiobooks of 2007.

The list is in alphabetic order, so I have no idea how high it placed in the Top 20, but given my ego and imagination...

The nice thing about podiobooks is they're free! And Shaun gave this a good reading. You can get all of the chapters right here.

The Silk Code won the Locus Award for Best First Science Fiction of 1999, and it was also the first appearance in novel of Dr. Phil D'Amato - my NYPD forensic detective.

Phil appeared in the novelettes The Chronology Protection Case, The Copyright Notice Case, and The Mendelian Lamp Case earlier in 1990s, and the novels The Consciousness Plague and The Pixel Eye, published after The Silk Code. See the links below, and/or here for further details.

Phil even has a Wikipedia entry.

A complete list of links for and about the adventures of Dr. Phil D'Amato follows ...

David G. Hartwell, Cory Doctorow, and Daniel Keys talk about The Silk Code

The Silk Code one-minute audio mix

audio trailer for The Chronology Protection Case movie (by Jay Kensinger)

Shaun Farrell's podiobook of The Silk Code
... FREE!

Mark Shanahan's radio play of The Chronology Protection Case (live reading of the Edgar-nominated play) ... FREE!

The Consciousness Plague on iTunes ...

The Silk Code podiobook on iTunes
... FREE!

trailer for The Silk Code ... from the History Channel

trailer for Jay Kensinger's short film of The Chronology Protection Case

Phil D'Amato's Wikipedia entry

The Four Phils ... PL, JK, MS, and SF ...

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