Monday, December 17, 2007

And the Winners in the Dexter Poster Contest Are....

As I announced here yesterday, Showtime gave me three cool, posters of Dexter that I'm just dying to give away. I received lots of email in response to the following question - which you had to answer correctly, to win one of three copies of the poster -

What 2007 motion picture bears a striking resemblance to Dexter - featuring a serial killer who is capable of powerful love for his family, attends AA meetings to keep his "addiction" at bay, and has a sarcastically commenting inner voice?

And most of the emails made good tries, but gave wrong answers, ranging from Sweeney Todd to Hannibal Lecter to Suspect Zero (the last not really a good guess at all, since that movie was in theaters in 2004).

But three readers did get the right answer. In order of my receipt of their response, they are:

1. Davin and Denise Ledbetter from Texas
2. Michele Hettel from Florida
3. Russ Glenn from Cambridge, England

A nice cross-section of erudite readers! Congratulations, all!

-oh - and the correct answer to the contest question:

Mr. Brooks - starring Kevin Costner in the title role, William Hurt as the alter-voice, and a very good cast. The movie is not as good as Dexter, I would say - but is nonetheless compelling and original in many ways, for this genre.


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