"Paul Levinson's It's Real Life is a page-turning exploration into that multiverse known as rock and roll. But it is much more than a marvelous adventure narrated by a master storyteller...it is also an exquisite meditation on the very nature of alternate history." -- Jack Dann, The Fiction Writer's Guide to Alternate History

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Freebies in Paul Levinson's Science Fiction, Music, and Media Theory!

I thought I'd create this page, to give you an updated list of freebies of my writing and music that are out there on the web for your reading, listening, and viewing pleasure:

You can also see free clips from many of my lectures on YouTube - about the First Amendment, mass media and politics, etc.

not free, but not too expensive

The Phil D'Amato series:  The Silk Code, winner of the Locus Award for Best First Novel of 1999 ...  The Consciousness Plague ...  The Pixel Eye

Sierra Waters trilogy The Plot to Save Socrates ... Unburning Alexandria ... Chronica

covers illustrated by Joel Iskowitz


Tania Shipman said...

I hadn't read any of your books but after reading the free chapter available on this blog, I will be ordering The Plot to Save Socrates.

There is so much available to read now, book stores are stocking less, so getting the chance to read a chapter and see if this book is right for you means you can choose to buy knowing you should enjoy it.

Thanks for the chance you gave me to read it.

Paul Levinson said...

My pleasure, Tania!

Molly Vozick-Levinson said...

And what about A Arma Suave? The Brazilian people want to wet their beaks too.

Paul Levinson said...

:) It looks like at least one person already did ...

But maybe I'll scan in a few pages ...

Clive said...

Hiya Paul,

When will your books be available as ebooks?

Paul Levinson said...

Thanks for asking, Clive - you can find them all here - and I'll be adding more in the next few weeks!

Paul Levinson said...

I should add - when you to the Amazon page with all of my books in the above, click on "Kindle" in the tool bar.

Clive said...

Thx Paul,

Can't wait for Phil D’Amato's trilogy to be released :)

Paul Levinson said...

Thanks! For reasons unfathomable, the second novel in the trilogy - The Consciousness Plague - is already up in Kindle form. And I'll be putting The Silk Code and The Pixel Eye in the next few weeks.

Clive said...

Are you sure amazon has it? This is what I've found,

Paul Levinson said...

You're right, Clive. What must have happened is: I just got back the rights to all of my science novels from Tor (with the exception of The Plot to Save Socrates) so they took down the Kindle editions of The Consciousness Plague and Borrowed Tides.

Glad you let me know - I'll just add those two the Kindle editions I'll be putting up of The Silk Code and The Pixel Eye. I should have all of those up in the next few weeks.

mandustrian said...

hello Paul!
i used to know you as a writer (i read The Consciousness Plague) & a political/social/media commentator, but it's actually not so long ago that i discovered you'd had a rich musical past. - well, as a music collector, i knew about The Other People (& heard slightly of The New Outlook) & i even have that single - Hung Up on Love. also, i often met your name in songwriting credits; however (& it seems strange to me now) i somehow never associated *that* Levinson with *this* (or vice versa), have to admit it. (i also have Come to the Sunshine CD, but without booklet - unless i'd know!) but, to my shame, i never even heard of the Twice... album. -- so, one day the buzz spread around - & (spending much time away from home as i am), i finally d/loaded it from eMusic just a coupla months ago. & i have to say i was really impressed, yes i was! no wonder next natural wish was to obtain Spun Dreams, of which i could only hear cropped tracks online. but at this point me & my musical friends have encountered quite a problem.

you see, when i want a CD or LP i can always get it if it's get-able at the moment *at all*. there's a lot of shops, sites etc. - from Amazon to eBay. yet as official d/loads go, they're only available in a bunch of countries, while there's much MORE places where you just can't do it. in MY country - which is Russia - i can't have access to iTunes or Amazon d/l services. (same with eMusic, but i somehow managed to land an account there at the times when it was easier. however, Dreams are NOT sold on eMusic!) so - as it is - i just have NO PHYSICAL POSSIBILITY to get this digital album for my honest money! more to say, i may presume this is not simply my own or my close friends' problem - lots of people around the globe may face it as well! well, i tried every possible way including... hm... - but to no avail; so i finally decided to bring my complaint directly to your sight.

maybe there's some way the situation could be solved? maybe full d/load option could be arranged on your site (there's but one track from the album available there right now)? or something else?

i'd really be happy to get any kind of answer from you,

Paul Levinson said...

Thanks for your much appreciated comment, Michael!

I just added all of Spun Dreams for sale on eMusic - may take as long as 4 weeks (the official notice says) for the album to show up there, but it will definitely be there, and likely sooner than 4 weeks.

In the meantime, let me know other music sites to which you have access, ad I'll see if I can get the album available for sale there, too - and maybe faster than 4 weeks.


mandustrian said...

Dear Paul!
please accept infinite thanks for your prompt, kind & effective answer on behalf of myself & my friends! it really made my day - notwithstanding the fact that it's the deep of the night right here...

of course we can wait as long as it's a sure-to-gain, never-doubting kinda wait.
however, i can name you a site where the download process is reduced to the law-afforded minimum: it has pretty much stuff in its vaults & i believe that any person living in a country with a non-repressed internet & having a decent credit card &/or a PayPal account can get any content down there without much ado - it's called Tradebit (www.tradebit.com).

...recently thought (...'pondered') on your songs & writings. (i'm gonna order The Silk Code & The Plot to Save Socrates tomorrow. {books in their physical form - hope there'll be no special problems about it - seems i still prefer 'em this way, maybe due to the olfactory reasons: i really LOVE that "book smell" from the early days of my reading [probably c.3 y.o. i think]}) -- so i can tell that... there's some very fine *golden thread* going through all your works, be it songs, fiction or even political comments. maybe some your very own way of intelligence/style... i can hardly define it, but it seems to be readily recognizable as long as you really catch it. -- please don't consider it some light-hearted half-empty compliment, i've never been the one to produce those)

thanks again.
from Moscow with the very best vibes,

mandustrian said...

did you receive my later thank-you comment? or did it get stuck in the Blogger? or have i written something wrong so you wouldn't show it?
--Michael (slightly worried)

Paul Levinson said...

Apologies - your second excellent comment came through just fine - and I thought I had approved it for publication.

I just approved it again, and it's posted now.


mandustrian said...

okay Paul, i'm relieved.
thank you again. looking forward to unspin your Dreams a little sooner or a little later=)
(never been afraid of too much thanks as long as they're realized & sincere. {the proto-German stem of 'thank' is the same as of 'think'/'thought', ain't it?} i believe that each sincerely given & taken thank is a tiny magical act beneficial for both parties.)

've just ordered both books.


Paul Levinson said...

I agree completely with your reasoning - and I'm truly pleased to have you as a fan and analyst of my work!

Hope you enjoy the novels.

Let me know as soon as you're able to get Spun Dreams on eMusic. In the meantime, I'll check out the site you mention, in the next few days.

Paul Levinson said...

Hey, Michael - just a note to let you know that, as of yesterday, all 15 tracks of Spun Dreams are now available for sale on eMusic ... http://www.emusic.com/album/Paul-Levinson-and-the-New-Outlook-With-Stu-Nitekma-Spun-Dreams-MP3-Download/12652320.html

M.P. Andonee said...

Great stuff Paul. Thanks.

Paul Levinson said...

My pleasure, M.P.!