Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Favorite Moment in Treme

In preparation for the Season One finale of Treme on HBO this coming Sunday, I just wanted to mention my favorite moment in the series.

Actually, it's a favorite few moments on the show, and they're on every week, in the Intro, which features John Boutté's great song, "Treme Song (Down In the Treme),"  from his 2003 album, Jambalaya.

But my favorite part of this Intro begins about eight seconds in, with a guy dancing in the street.  And it reaches its crest between 9 and 10 seconds, when he leans in and moves his left hand.   You can see it below.   For some reason, this move feels just right.   It typifies the cool, ebullient spirit of the show.  I wanna dance just like this guy when I grow up.

That's it.   Just wanted to give that moment a shout-out.

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