Monday, June 21, 2010

Lie to Me 2.12: The One Prevarication

Oops, I forgot to review last week's Lie to Me (2.12) - ok, I won't lie to you, I was under tight deadline for a paper, and didn't have a chance to review that fine episode.   But with the new one up in New York in less than an hour, I better get to it ...

Because, it was one of the best episodes ever on Lie to Me, featuring Cal vs. Gillian, now and seven years ago when they first met, and Cal regretting something he did back then, which may be endangering his daughter right now.

The wild card is Jimmy Doyle, whom Cal helped ID as a terrorist seven years back.  His arrest went awry, resulting in his wife and 16-year old daughter being shot to death in front of Jimmy's eyes.   He understandably wants revenge - maybe on Cal's daughter Emily now.   A defense department colleague of Cal being blown up by a car bomb - which also injures Loker - certainly adds credence to the threat.

And much to Loker and Ria's consternation, no one is talking.   Not Cal, not Gillian, whom we gradually find has lied to Cal about something all of these years.

This is a good, powerful story, worthy of Shawn Ryan's (The Shield) production work on the show.   The twists are good - especially about who is the real killer here - and Gillian's reason for lying to Cal this one time makes perfect sense, of course.   I'd still like to see the two of them get together already, but Lie to Me is only in its second year, and Bones and Booth have not made much progress so far in five...

5-min podcast review of Lie to Me

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