Monday, June 28, 2010

True Blood 3.3: Rolling Eyes and Spinning Heads

Lots of hot lovemaking in True Blood 3.3 tonight, between vampire and human, and vampire and vampire.

Vampire and human was consensual, between Franklin (James Frain) and Tara.  It was enough to make Tara's eyes roll back in her head, eyelids a flutter, but it wasn't true love, on either one's part.  Franklin's on a mission, to find out all he can about Bill.   But for whom?  King of Mississippi?  Queen of Louisiana?   The tea party?  Sorry, just threw that in...

And Bill has a surprising, and surprisingly passionate, love scene himself tonight, and not with Sookie.  It's with Lorena, Bill's beautiful vampire maker.   Bill hates her.  He set her on fire last week (no problem, she healed quickly).  She stole Bill's humanity, his family, his normal life.   Bill hates her very being.  But that doesn't stop Bill from violently screwing her, apparently from front and behind, at the same time, as he makes her head twist literally around (he can't resist the violent sex, but can't bare to look at her face).   Violent lovemaking befits vampires.  But this was one the wildest bed scenes we've thus far seen.

No bed scenes, bad or good, or forest ground scenes, either, yet, between Eric and Sookie.  He's still calling her by her last name, and she's still insisting she's Bill's.   But we'll see.

And, oh yeah the sheriff (Bud) resigned - he couldn't take it anymore.  He left with a fine parting line about gaps in the brain and polyps in the other end.   I was thinking of calling this review "gaps and polyps" but I prefer the rolling eyes and heads.

5-min podcast review of True Blood

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