Monday, June 14, 2010

Treme 1.9: Creighton

I've been concerned about Creighton for a few episodes now.  Last week, he was the only one who got no joy out of the Mardi Gras.  On last night's episode 1.9 of Treme - the next to last episode of this debut season - Creighton continues in his downward spiral.  He's faking his writing to his family, he's ending his classes early.   Although he clearly loves his wife and daughter, has a great job, is reaching people with his YouTube videos, and has everything to live for, suicide seemed like a real possibility last night.  I'm holding out hope for next week's Season One finale.   After all, though suicides did increase from from 8 to 26 per 100, 000 people in the aftermath of Katrina, Treme is still a work of fiction.

Other notable developments in last night's episode:
  • Janette's being beaten down by New Orleans bad luck and weather.  Although she'd rather have her "head dipped in duck fat" than give up her cooking, she's thinking of packing up and taking her act to New York City.   The "stresser" (as they have it on Criminal Minds) was a cooking gig she had with a great band, blown apart by stormy weather.   This produced at least one great line - I don't wannna be "electrocuted for my art" one of the band members observed - and Janette beginning to feel it was hopeless in N.O.  When she goes home and finds her bed being rained on through a broken roof, this might be the last straw.  It looks as if only McAlary can talk her out of leaving.
  • Annie's split from Sonny.  This ain't easy, but is probably for the best.
  • Ladonna tells Antoine that what happened between them last week was just a "Mardi Gras fuck," but Antoine's not fazed, which is why I like him.  He knows the truth - he's irresistible, yeah.
  • Albert's headed for a bruising, and is told so by the police Lt.  But the last thing Albert will do is back down, so there should be some good, I sure hope not deadly, action in the Season One finale
The music was great as always, with "I Hear You Knocking" (of Fats Domino fame) in the background,  and a fine version of "Double O Soul" (great title) by the Subdudes.   And my favorite line -  tough choice with all the fine lines in this episode - but I give it Albert's friend, after Albert coaxes the kid he's breaking in to help with some heaving lifting - "You're back's gonna hurt for 40-50 years," the friend tells the kid.   That's the story of everyone's life, right there.

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