Sunday, June 13, 2010

True Blood 3.1: Oxygen vs. Phone

Well, my favorite line in the Season Three premiere of True Blood on HBO tonight came from the sweet old lady paid a little visit by Bill.   She said she only had enough money to pay for either her phone or her oxygen (she needs a special supply, given her poor health), and she chose the oxygen, of course.  But somehow there's a lesson in there for all of us - life is more important than communication, as important as communication is.

As for the rest of show -
  • It contained some great nude shots, for people and beings of all persuasions
  • Tara's not recovering from Eggs being fried (ok, shot) any time soon
  • Sam has an erotic dream about Bill - but that's likely because Sam has Bill's blood in him
  • Eric gives someone the screw of her life - but it's not (yet) Sookie
  • Lettie May has the hots for a preacher whom she (incorrectly) thinks saved Tara
  • Jessica and Hoyt will inexorably get back together - but Jessica has a dead body to deal with
  • the Bellefleur cousins are up to something
  • Jason's advised to do what he does best - music to his ears
  • Sookie still looks fine in that purple dress
The episode ends with Bill surrounded by werewolves in the forest.   Now in classic monster lore - i.e., 1940s movies - vampires and werewolves are about equal.   Vampires are more versatile, but they can also be killed in lots of different ways - in contrast to werewolves, who can only be dispatched by a silver bullet in the heart.   I hear from people who have read the books that werewolves are not quite as strong in the deep-south True Blood scenario.   But they're clearly a force to be reckoned with, have something to do with Bill's kidnapping, and should be fun to see in the weeks ahead.

5-min podcast review of True Blood season 3 premiere

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