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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Enjoyable Finder

Just bopping by to say how much I'm enjoying The Finder.   What's not to like ... cool little flying machines in one episode, a Crockett and Tubbs (Miami Vice) send-up in another episode, a great Florida Keys locale (especially appealing this time of year in the northeast), and a game, wise-cracking, eruditely zany cast of four.

Walter's the Finder - obsessed with finding things ever since he didn't find the IED that shook up his brain and killed five buddies in Iraq.   But he's not only obsessed with finding things, he finds them, whether a decades old bullet hidden in an old-guy's buttock or whatever.   Unlike Bones - which gave birth to the Finder - the bodies on The Finder have flesh on them and are usually alive.

Speaking of flesh, Deputy U.S. Marshal Isabel Zambada has a superb ass.  She's not the second most important character on the show, I just couldn't resist the segue.  She does the police official facet for Walter's work.

The second most important character in the series is Leo.  He's a lawyer, owns the bar which is The Finder's base of operations, and also has a tragic back story.  His wife and daughter died of e coli poisoning.   Leo is the most calming person you could ever want to have around, except when his wife and daughter come up on his computer screen, because Willa is hacking his account.

Willa's story is in some ways the craziest of all - or second only to Walter's, in the sense that he might to some degree be a little literally crazy.  Willa's a minor parolee - that is, she's a minor on parole, and working at the bar as an intern, under Leo's supervision, which was somehow worked out as a condition of her parole.  (I teach an Internship Seminar, and it's a good thing the Internship has to be in communications and media studies, otherwise my students would be clamoring to go down to Leo's.  Wait, there is a lot of communications and media used in finding things on this show.)

Anyway, this a genuinely fresh, sassy, and diverting show, and I'm looking to further relaxing with it.

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