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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Person of Interest 1.16 Meets Wall Street

One of the good things about Person of Interest is the variety of people needing rescue, protection, and stopping in the stories, ranging from victims of criminals to victims of the CIA and lots of situations in between.  Episode 1.16 brings Reese to Wall Street - not the Occupy kind, but the old-fashioned cut-throat Gordon Gekko kind.

The person who needs protecting is young, hot-shot trader Adam Saunders - played by Matt Lauria of Friday Night Lights (Luke) - and he's (of course) got an interesting story.  Although he at first seems like just another greed guy, he turns out to have a good heart.  He was raised by his uncle (played by John Scurti - Lou aka Lt. Ken Shea of Rescue Me).  Saunders loses his uncle's money, but vows to get it back, which he does, after a tour of near deaths and Reese's help which takes them to the homeless camp where Reese lived at some point prior to going to work for Finch.

So we also get another small piece of Reese's back story, but more important, we learn at the end that Elias, the evil mastermind and POI nemesis we encountered earlier in the season, is behind the big guns that are shooting at Saunders.   I was glad to see this.  Not only is Enrico Colantoni (Sgt. Parker from Flashpoint) an excellent actor, but his character on Person of Interest promises some significant, maybe even game-changing developments down the line.  Let's have at it. 

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