Friday, February 3, 2012

Fringe 4.11: Alternate Astrid

Another excellent Fringe - 4.11 - tonight, which features Fauxlivia and Alternate Astrid on our side, good Eternal Bald Observer action, and some kind of hint about the origin of the EBOs, or what they are ...

Alternate Astrid was a delight to see - from her first meeting our Astrid in Walter's lab, and throughout the episode.  She's a high-level mathematical genius autistic on the other side, and she's here to learn something more about her life from our Astrid.  Alt-Astrid lost not only her mother as a teenager, as our Astrid did, but just lost her father.  She's conflicted about her condition.  She wonders if the reason her father was emotionally distant from her was because of her and her condition. Our Astrid assures her that her father - our Astrid's father, who is still alive - is cold and distant, so alt-Astrid shouldn't blame herself for her distance from her father.  It's a touching, compassionate gesture - brought home when we meet our Astrid's father at the end of the episode, and see how warm and loving he actually is to his daughter.  Fine acting by Jasika Nicole in both roles, and a touching standalone story.

And on another track, we get an interesting piece of the continuing story, too.   We meet a man - a savior, or an angel - who can see past, present, and future, and makes it his business to euthanize people who will soon against all odds die terrible deaths.  Sound a little familiar?  Well, not too long ago, we heard Peter explaining the EBOs to Olivia - that they inhabit past, present, and future - and they're like some sort of guardian angels, too, aren't they ...

And, sure enough, this new angel lives (and dies) by Reiden Lake - the very lake that Walter and young Peter once crossed, from which Peter emerged when he came back this season, etc.  And sure enough, the EBOs are on hand - two of them, the head guy and another one, not September.  And they recover something that September lost, and the other EBO tells the head EBO that September did not follow orders regarding Peter, and let him return to this world ...

Interesting stuff ... a few more pieces moved slightly forward ... and I loved that Nissan Leaf that Olivia and Peter were driving.  It may well be my next car, after I finished with my Prius...

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