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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Person of Interest 1.14: Reese as Ronin

A soulful Person of Interest 1.14 this past week, with Reese teaming with the kid he has to protect, as he helps him bring to justice the killer's of the kid's older brother.  The kid's talented in music and art, and well versed in the popular culture.  He sizes Reese up as a ronin - a samurai with no master, and, for that reason, with no home.  In the best line of the episode - sad and significant - the kids tells Reese that he'll someday find a home.

Until that happens, Reese will continue to work out in the cold, his only connections Finch, to a lesser extent Fusco, and now Carter.   But what does Reese really know about Finch?

Still not much, but maybe a little more.  Fusco's report to Reese about Finch's aliases confirms what we've already glimpsed, that's there's a lot more to him than meets the eye.  And Reese gets another inkling of something when he realizes that Finch has been able to get some important data when his online library was offline.

This, in turn, relates to the million-dollar question:  is there really a machine, or is the popping up of persons of interest somehow all done in Finch's head?  Reese first got a flash that Finch might be the machine in episode 1.11, and briefly confronted Finch about that.  But Reese of course got no answer, and in episodes 1.12 and 1.13 there was no mention or indication of that again, maybe just a look or two from Reese.

But the machine, or something, keeps showing us those boxes around people's heads at the beginning and throughout each episode.  Are they just  projection of what's inside Finch's head?   Will be interesting to see ...

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