Monday, February 13, 2012

The Walkiing Dead 2.8: The Farm, the Road, and the Town

The Walking Dead was back tonight with the second part of it second season, and I might as well get to the most stunning part:

Lori is driving into town to bring back Rick, Glenn, and Herschel.  She's not sure of the way, looks at her map - no GPS in walking dead world - and looks back up just in time to hit a walker, swerve, and crash nastily on the side of the road.   I haven't seen the coming attractions, so I have no idea what kind of shape she's in, but-

Given this is television and not a movie, it's highly unlikely she's dead.  But her baby ... I  like the hope the baby brings to this world, even with all the Rick-Shane complications, so I hope there isn't a game changer here.   We'll find out for sure, I assume, next week.

Meanwhile, Rick's not doing too well convincing Herschel to come back to the farm, until a pair of humans walk in, by way of Philadelphia, which they say they've traveled south from, and with nothing but bad news.  No hope in Ft. Benning, no real hope anywhere, just disparate groups of desperate humans.  And - they want in on the farm.  Rick and Herschel's opposition to this brings at least has the good effect of bringing the two together.

But Rick soon sees that the two from Philadelphia are not going to take no for an answer. So, in a good gun play scene that could have been from Gunsmoke or Hell on Wheels, Rick wheels around and shoots them both, before they presumably would have done the same to him.   Or maybe not, and it's never a good thing to kill humans, especially in this harrowing world.

Powerful start to the second season's second half, and I just wish I could see the rest of it now - or least next week, to find out about Lori.

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