Monday, February 20, 2012

The Walking Dead 2.9: Worse than Walkers?

What could worse than those flesh eating, hard to kill cause they're already dead, walkers?

Well ...

We  found out early in s 2.9 tonight that Lori is ok - after killing a couple of walkers.  And her baby's presumably ok, too.

Except that Shane is sure it's his.  And Lori gives Rick what could be one of the most significant talkings to at the end of the episode.  You killed humans you love to protect the ones you love - me and Carl - right? she asks Rick.   Yeah.  Well, Shane thinks that Carl and me are his, and you're too  weak to protect us, she says to Rick.

The message is clear, and Rock gets it.  He may have to kill Shane to protect Lori and Carl from Shane - and to stop Shane from killing Rick, the way he did Otis.

It's pretty brutal stuff - worse, in some ways, than the walkers.  This second part of the second season has already established, with the gunplay in town, that humans can be worse enemies than walkers are to humans.  (Walkers after all are no good with guns.  They also have no twisted loyalties or obsessions.)  Shane vs. Rick is just the logical next step.

But speaking of walkers, I'm beginning to wonder what's really wrong with that woman in a catatonic state in the bed?   What, exactly, is wrong with Herschel's daughter?  Would be a pretty dangerous, horrendous development if she were in some kind of very early walker stage ...

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