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Monday, October 29, 2012

Boardwalk Empire 3.7: Deadly Gillian

What a strange Easter Sunday it was on Boardwalk Empire 3.7 last night, where the best thing that happened for our characters was Nucky and Eli finally reunited.  If all is not forgiven, enough of it is by Nucky that he can rely upon Eli to do major work on his behalf.

Nucky will need it.  Allied again him now is not only the pyscho Rosetti, but ... well, not quite now, but close at hand ... Gillian and Richard.

Gilliam, up until last night, had apparently not accepted or even entertained the possibility that Jimmy might be dead.  Or maybe she did, but we just didn't see it.  At the end of last night's episode, though, we have no doubt that she knows Jimmy's gone for good.  She tells this to Richard, after she kills the Jimmy-look-alike she seduced last week and again last night.   It was chilling scene, but her murder of the surrogate is the least of it.

What will she do, now that she's accepted that Jimmy is dead?  She'll surely think that someone killed him, and how long will be it take her to connect that killing to Nucky?   Richard, though he found a connection with a woman last night, has an ever gentle-savage soul, ready to kill anyone who might even hurt let alone kill anyone he cares about.  And Richard cared a lot about Jimmy.  He seemed oddly accepting of Jimmy's absence this season.  After dispatching Manny (and good to see actor William Forsythe now holding forth on Mob Doctor), Richard seemed to almost shrug off Jimmy's absence.  When he and Gillian start commiserating about Jimmy's death, can Richard going out to get Nucky be far behind?

I suspect Eli will be Nucky's best defense from these attacks.  I've really gotten to like Eli this season, and hope he survives.

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