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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Twice Upon a Rhyme Re-Re-Issued

Happy to tell you that Twice Upon a Rhyme has been re-re-issued by Anthony Nyland's Sound of Salvation / Whiplash Records.   The first re-mastered vinyl pressing sold out this summer, so Whiplash brought out a new release to keep up with the increasing demand.

The new release sports a new cover - pictured here - based on a photograph of a Cape Cod sunset by my wife Tina Vozick.   We've spent many a summer morning yearning for such sunsets.   The new release is available directly from Sound of Salvation and in the following record stores in England -
Meanwhile, tracks on the album continue to get good airplay - most notably on Bernie Overly's SRrocks, which plays a song from Twice Upon a Rhyme at least once a week, and on George Cannon's Way off the Grid Radio, which has been playing the entire album at least once a year.

Shindig! Happening! just published Austin Matthews' new, brief interview with me, which was prefaced with "Paul Levinson’s private-press folk-psych album Twice Upon a Rhyme from 1972 was one of Shindig’s favourite rereleases of last year."  And Norman Records noted that the music "mixes the psychedelic pop of the ‘60s, a dash of Simon & Garfunkel and some expansive and imaginative arrangements which recall the Beach Boys or even Burt Bacharach in places."

Here's "Looking for Sunsets (In the Early Morning)" for your enjoyment ...

And you can always get MP3s of the album, and any tracks on the album, at iTunes, Amazon, or eMusic.

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