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Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Good Wife 4.2: Reunited

The Good Wife treatment of Occupy Wall Street continued in episode 4.2, with the story of an innocent protester tasered to death by a cop out to make his "mark".  In addition to the strong courtroom drama - with Will back in court arguing the case of the victim - the story provides an important reminder of what cops can do and have done when they're set unconstitutionally loose against protesters and people.

Meanwhile, the court also has Will grappling with a new rule that allows jurors to ask questions of witnesses when they're on the stand.  This makes for some humorous and decisive moments in courtroom but, even it hadn't, I like this rule.  It empowers the everyday people who are the bedrock of our judicial system and democracy.

An important continuing story is also introduced tonight, in the person of Maddie Hayward, played by ER's Maura Tierney.   Her character on ER overlapped briefly but significantly with Julianna Margulies' Carol on the same show, and it would have been great to see the two together on The Good Wife in any case.  But their new story seems especially scintillating and complex, spanning business, politics, and, of course, the personal.

Maddie goes out of her way to help Alicia - including giving an unasked-for contribution to Peter's campaign.  But her guardian angel behavior may have a price - she wants to have a drink with Alicia.  When Alicia demurs, Maddie says she just wants to be friends, and Alicia agrees to have a drink the next evening.

We don't see that. The episode ends before that.  But one thing is sure: it's not just friendship that Maddie wants.  Maybe sex is indeed her motive.  But I'm thinking Maddie wants Alicia to run for some office.

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