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Monday, October 1, 2012

Bones 8.3: Not Rotting Behind a Desk

Tonight's Bones 8.3 had a mix of everything good:  Booth up for a promotion to a place behind a desk, a murder that involves twins, and someone new for Sweets.

Ok, I admit that I never cared much for Daisy - she's too, I don't know, whiny, and I don't think she ever really made Sweets happy.  So I was happy to see him partnered tonight with Olivia, who seemed right for him the moment she entered the scene and the two started arguing.  True, she shoots him near the conclusion, but as Sweets tells her, that didn't dent his liking her.  And, when she kissed him after he told her he was seriously involved with someone else, that settled it:  I expect to see the two as a fine couple as the season progresses.

Meanwhile, Booth might be in for a promotion to a desk job - giving rise to one of the best lines of the evening, as he and Bones talk about the dangers of his "rotting behind a desk".  Of course we knew that there was no way he'd get the job, or even really take it if he was offered it, but it was fun to see, anyway, and, who knows, we may yet see more of this as the series evolves.

Now, I'm generally more interested in our continuing characters than the plots of Bones, but tonight's plot is worthy of mention.  How does our team get it wrong when they ID a murder victim based on one of Angela's flawless analyses?  When the murder victim is an identical twin of the intended victim.  This not only puts a nice twist in the storyline, but it opened up the story for an excellent comedic scene with Sweets and Olivia, as they break the news to the presumed widow, only to find that her husband is still very much alive and walking right up to the front door.

Caroline, Cam, and Hodgins also had a good night.  Bones isn't stuck behind a desk or any place else, as this most enjoyable new season progresses.

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