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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dexter 7.5: Terminator Isaac

Deb continues to be torn between supporting Dexter in Dexter 7.5 and declaring she wants nothing to do with her white knight / serial killer brother.   This time it's that she doesn't like lying to Batista. But she does a great job in protecting Dex against an incriminating photo from a case long ago, as LaGuerta continues to pursue her hope/hunch that Doakes is not the Bay Harbor Butcher after all.

This continues to be a superb season, because the above is only one of three excellent threads.

Dex and Hannah would be the second.  As I mentioned in an earlier review, she's a perfect romantic interest for Dexter, looking like Rita and Lumen, and actually, better, if you ask me.  But in a very interesting - and thoroughly true-to-the-logic of Dexter twist - it turns out he's interested in her because he's discovered she helped her serial-killing boyfriend in his killing, to the point of killing one of his victims herself.  She thus has become a suitable target of Dexter, who has actually gone a bit long without a thoroughly Dexterian kill.   Still ... I'd rather see him bed with than kill Hannah.

I'm thinking that Dexter might figure out a way to use Hannah to dispose of Isaac in the end.  Isaac's proved to be far more than a ruthless Russian mob boss.   When Dexter sets him up to be killed by a bar-full of Colombian drug dealers, Isaac turns the tables and kills them all by himself.  Deb dubs him the Terminator.

Isaac ends this episode behind bars, but, like the Arnold, this terminator will definitely be back, as Dexter takes on not only him but potentially LaGuerta - who, as Deb astutely says, likely won't be stopped in her pursuit of the real Bay Harbor Butcher by Deb's removal of the incriminating photographic evidence.

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