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Monday, October 29, 2012

The Good Wife 4.5 meets The Sopranos

Three powerful women figured prominently in The Good Wife 4.5 last night:

1.  Annabella Sciorra of The Sopranos and all kinds of fame puts in an appearance as one of  Lemond Bishop's attorneys.   She's as cute and effective as ever.

2. Of course Julianna Margulies - another anna - is also on hand.  Come to think of it, she was also in The Sopranos.   All that was missing was the Polish woman with one leg.

3. And Maura Tierney - who I'm pretty sure was not on The Sopranos - also shows up, with a continuing storyline that has nothing to do with Bishop.

Maddie (Maura Tierney) has had a strange storyline so far.  There was an implication that she wanted to sleep with Alicia - which didn't happen but could still be true.  All she seems to want is to be friends with Alicia, who is happy to have her as a friend as long as Maddie keeps the money flowing to Peter's campaign.   But last night, as a snakey blogger - whew, The Good Wife doesn't like bloggers - posts an article about how the mainstream media backed off publishing the bogus sex story about Peter and a blonde campaign worker, Maddie shows a keen interest in the story and the campaign worker.

Why?  Not yet clear, but after a meeting with the campaign worker, Maddie withdraws her support from Peter's campaign.  From the inklings we get in the coming attractions, maybe Maddie is thinking of jumping in the race for governor herself?

Unknown at this point.   All I can say is, "Don't stop-"

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