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Monday, April 15, 2013

Game of Thrones 3.3: The Heart of Jaime Lannister

As I've said before, my favorite parts of Game of Thrones are the spectres of the north and the dragons of the south - ice and fire - but we've gotten precious little of either so far in season three, after a promising start in the north at the beginning of the debut episode a few weeks ago.  What we did get last night was a pretty good episode about Jaime Lannister, always welcome because he's one of the sharpest arch-villains in the series.

What we find about Jamie, first, is that he may have some kind of heart that extends beyond his family.  Though there may something in this for himself, Jaime aka Kingslayer actually seems to talk his captor out of killing Brienne, who pretty much bested him in one-to-one combat before the two were taken prisoner.   It will be fun and instructive to see where this develops.

And Jamie all but seems to have convinced his captors into letting him go - he certainly was persuasive - only to find that his captor doesn't share what he thinks is Jamie's opinion that Jaime is the smartest man in the world.  The Lannisters are indeed uncommonly shrewd, but none of them hold a candle to Tyrion, who at least in part usually gets his way because he combines his keen intelligence with his adversaries - including his father - taking him not as seriously as they should because of his size.   Indeed, Tywin puts Tyrion in charge of the treasury, and he's bound to find he regrets that sooner or later.

There was a smidgeon of action in the dragon story, as Daenerys gets herself a new servant - a translator for her negotiating opponent, who treats to us to a series funny attempts to disguise the translator's coarseness to Daenerys.

But I'm eager to see the dragons not only in flight but in combat, and if with the creatures of the bitter north so much the better.

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