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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Madmen 6.4: McLuhan, Heinz, and Don's Imagination

So what does Marshall McLuhan have to do with tonight's episode 6.4 of Mad Men?  His "medium is the message" was mentioned back in the first season, and his influence has permeated just about every episode, as well it should, since Mad Men is about advertising in its sundry forms.  But tonight ...

Don, Pete, and Stan make their presentation to Heinz Ketchup.  It's a minimalist series of ads - pictures of fries, a burger, etc, and the phrase above says, "Pass the Heinz".  No mention of ketchup.  Don tells the client that the ads don't need it, and in fact are stronger without it, because the ketchup will be supplied in the viewer/reader's imagination.  What the mind supplies is more powerful than what it's shown.  A classic case of what McLuhan meant when he talked about "cool" media - presentations which were more effective by offering less, and giving the mind more invitation.  Poetry over prose, cartoons over paintings, Impressionism more involving than realistic art, and blurry black-and-white television more persuasive than the movies. See my Digital McLuhan for more.

The Heinz people, however, are not too cool, nor very receptive to the cool pitch.  They seem to enthusiastically go for Peggy's rival pitch featuring a big bright bottle of Heinz ketchup fully named.  In this round, the old-fashioned "hot" medium seems to win.  In the end, though, neither pitch wins - Heinz goes for J. Walter Thompson, a bigger firm, the incandescent, hottest firm of all.  But we don't see what their pitch is, and maybe that's the coolest pitch going.

Don's invocation of the power of imagination also spilled over into his personal life tonight.  He shows up on the TV set to watch Megan shoot a scene is which she's passionately kissed - nothing more, it's non-cable TV in the 1960s, after all - but still steamy, as the female show executive happily remarks.  Megan's understandably angry that Don showed up on this day - the first time he's ever come by - and Don defends himself by saying that was better than leaving what the shoot looked like to his "imagination".   A persuasive argument about the power of cool, again.

But Don himself is not too cool, as he heads back to the doc's wife for another roll in bed.   For Megan it's just a role, but for Don it's literally a roll, and he thinks it's perfectly fine for him to be angry about what he's imagining about Megan while she has no knowledge of what he's actually doing.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Harry finally steps up and asserts himself - he doesn't want his secretary fired, and furthermore demands a partnership, especially in view of how Joan got hers. That's not cool, either, but I agree with Harry on this one.

So, not a good night for McLuhan, except by cool implication, but that's the way it was for his theories - they were right, deep down, and still are, though just about everyone in the world denied them.

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