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Monday, April 8, 2013

Mad Men 6.1-2: The Lighter and The Twist

Matthew Weiner has always taken his time with Mad Men - a whole episode, a whole season, to get to the bottom of a mystery, to answer a question, that was posed for us at the beginning, or maybe even earlier.   Along the way, we get all kinds of vignettes, charming, witty, provocative, that have little or a lot to do with the central question.   Tonight's two-hour premiere of Mad Men's 6th season had all of that, par excellence.

The big unanswered question from the very end of season 5 is whether Don will stay faithful to Megan.    It seems as the debut double-episode of this season progresses that Don is doing just that.  The two are happy together on an SCDP-hotel-client-paid vacation in Hawaii.   Don seems completely relaxed about Megan's career as an actress.   And yet ...

Don strikes out badly in the campaign he proposes for the hotel - his mystical talk about losing yourself in the hotel makes the hotel people think he's talking about walking out in the water and literally losing yourself, i.e, checking out of this world.   And Don's loss of a cigarette lighter he's had since his Army days is a papercut metaphor for Don's perpetual struggle to hold on to his own identity.  The lighter likely had Dick Whitman's name or initials engraved on it - the sole remaining evidence of who Don used to be.

But the big clue to the big reveal at the end comes from Dr. Rosen, who lives in Don's building, and whom Don keeps running into, and even pursuing, throughout the episode.  Don insists on the doc coming over to his office so Don can give him a free camera.   Don is over solicitous of Rosen in every scene they're in.   Why?   Is Don suddenly concerned about his health and mortality?   When Rosen receives a call at one in the morning on New Year's eve, as he and wife are wrapping up the quiet festivities at Don and Megan's apartment, Don insists on going out into the snow to help the doc find a cab.   What's going on?

We find out at the end of the double episode, with a twist that harkens back to the end of the first episode of the very first season:  Don's having an affair with the doc's wife, and rather than getting the pack of cigarettes he told Megan he was going for, he goes for a New Year's Eve roll in the hay.  The hanging question from last season is answered.

But there are lots of other good new situations aborning in this new season.  Peggy's tough and creative and impressing her new boss.   Roger's mother dies, but he's far more broken up by the death of his shoe-shine man.  Sally is more adult than ever, with a voice that's now verging on sultry.  And Betty - in a twist of her own at the end - has become a brunette.

All in a double-hour in this one-of-a-kind series.  And we haven't gotten started with Joan, Pete, Harry, and all the rest.

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