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Monday, April 29, 2013

The Good Wife Season 4 Finale: Good Twist!

Well, The Good Wife has been promising a good twist at the end of its season 4 finale in ads all week.  And it delivered!

After showing us Alicia kissing Will in a car, and Alicia looking uncomfortable when Peter comes to her  to share the thrill of his winning the election, we find out what's really going on in the last minute of the episode:  Alicia's leaving not Peter but Lockhart Gardner!

It's a great move for a variety of reasons for the characters and certainly for us in the audience.

Alicia's takeaway from her kissing Will in the car is that she can't think her way out of what to do about the feelings she still has for Will, reignited by the previous kiss some episodes ago.  So a little distance from Will, as in not working in the same firm with him, seems like a good idea.

She also will have far more power with her and Cary as equals, or even she his superior, in the start-up breakaway firm.  Diane and Will have made it clear over and over again that Alicia is not an equal partner, not to mention the roster of other partners with attitudes.

And there are all kinds of fresh possibilities now in the running for next season.  If Diane is indeed offered and takes the judgeship - which she presumably will only get by denouncing Will, unless Peter ignores the big judge's pressure - that will leave Will as head of a very different law firm than we've seen, with no Alicia or Diane.   But even if Diane stays, life at the firm will be very different, radically different, without Alicia.

Kalinda looks like she's staying, but her new assistant looks like she's going with Cary and Alicia.   So we'll have two firms of interest to us, chocked with talent not only legal but investigative.  Not to mention that Peter will be Governor.

It was a great season - the best so far, I'd say, for The Good Wife - and I'm looking forward to more in the Fall.

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