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Monday, April 15, 2013

The Good Wife 4.20: Anonymous

I haven't had a chance to review as much of The Good Wife as I would have wanted this season, but that doesn't mean I haven't been very much enjoying the show, which I have.  Indeed, I think it's the best season of The Good Wife so far, and episode 4.20 has all the winning ingredients - high tech social media savvy, powerful personal and professional stories, and great courtroom scenes.

Aaron Swartz and Anonymous both figure in the 4.20 story.  Swartz, a real life hacker, hounded by the government, who committed suicide just this past January, and Anonymous, a real organization that offers anonymous trenchant criticism and guerrilla reporting, both intersect with Alicia and Will as they pursue a civil suit against a rapist who has managed to beat the criminal charges.   Anonymous has been criticized in our reality for hacking sites of major corporations - and I agree with this criticism - but Anonymous has also played a legally protected (under the First Amendment) and important role in providing information and critique of the government not readily available elsewhere.

In The Good Wife, a new organization representing Swartz and his legacy come up with evidence not available in the criminal trial which proves the rapist's guilt.  Anonymous members show up in the courtroom donned with Guy Fawk "V" masks - to the judge's consternation - but more importantly get a video out to the world online with the rapist in a position which shows he's lying.   The mistrial that's declared is the first step for the rape victim finally getting some justice.

Aside from this powerful story even more "ripped from the headlines" than Law and Order, this episode of The Good Wife gives us a variety of other excellent threads.  Diane's chance of getting a judgeship turns out to be in jeopardy not because of her libertarian fiance but because of Will's quasi-disbarment.  This sets in a motion a possibility of her turning on Will and leaving the firm, both of which I doubt will happen.  But, meanwhile, Alicia may also be tempted to leave the firm, and she gets the details on Cary's move in precisely that direction.  And all of this is happening against the backdrop of the smoldering passion between Alicia and Will coming closer to the surface.

A great season, as I said, and I'm looking forward to the two concluding episodes.

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