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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bones 8.22: Musical-Chair Parents

A really good, heart-warming Bones 8.22 tonight, where, unlike in the real world, the crimes don't hurt that much and often admit to neat, cool endings.  But as is almost always the case on Bones, it's the personal relationships not the crimes and solutions that really make the show.

Joanna Cassidy appears as Booth's long-absent mother.   Now, if she looks familiar, that's because the same Joanna Cassidy also plays Dr. Megan Hunt's mother on another crime show steeped in biology, Body of Proof, which, come to think of it, does owe a lot to Bones.   But there's something else here worth mentioning - Ralph Waite, who plays Booth's grandfather, also plays Gibbs' father on NCIS.  There's something about Bones that seems to encourage musical-chair parents and grandparents across series.

But the best thing about Booth's mother - well, actually there are two best things, I'll tell you the other in a minute - is the way Bones works to get Booth and his mother back together after their first series of meetings goes badly.  What's especially gratifying here is how Bones, who's supposed to be the one who has problems with human relationships, is able to talk Booth into taking a step to repairing his relationship with mother.  Bones is able to do this because her relationship to Booth and their daughter Christine is making her more fully human.   She's still the same charmingly brilliant Bones in all matters intellectual - including how she convinces Booth to forgive his mother by repeatedly citing the "myth" of Jesus - but now she has increasing emotional power as well.

Which leads to the second best thing about Booth's mother:  After Booth walks her down the aisle for her marriage, she throws the wedding bouquet and it's caught by ... Bones!   Now, I make it a point never to look ahead at any descriptions of future episodes, but this catching of the bouquet can only mean that Bones and Booth will be getting married at the end of this season.

Which makes complete sense now, in view of Bones' emotional growth.   Why didn't they get married in the first place after they found out about Christine?   I think Booth was ready but Bones was not.   But now that she is, marriage should be in the cards.   Which will make, to borrow an apt word from Angela tonight, for a lot of gruntled viewers, including me.

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