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Monday, April 22, 2013

Bones 8.23: The Bluff

The thing about Bones is its extraordinary emotional range.  It sometimes tells us stories so funny that even the skeletons are good for a laugh.  Other times, the narrative is as harrowing as The Following that now follows Bones, in which people on the good guy FBI team are regularly in jeopardy and sometimes killed. Tonight's Bones was clearly of the latter variety, and harrowingly powerful and clever indeed.

The victim, the hero pushed to the very edge of death, is Arastoo.  This was a good choice for at least two reasons.  Cam romantically and deeply loves him.  And, since he's an intern, we know he's expendable (sorry to say this, Cam) - he could die and the show would still be intact.  Unlike Bones and Booth and Angela and Hodgins and Sweets and even Cam, an intern could die.  We've seen this happen before.  And that fact of life about Bones gave this episode an edge not often found in the series.

The culprit is some sort of mutated virus, which turns out to even worse, a mutated virus with a bacterial "booster".  Arastoo picks it up when he gets cut by one of the remains.  A CDC doc means well but has no solutions.   Hodgins with Bones' help comes up with a folk remedy that buys Arastoo some time.   The illness moves so fast that, absent the herb remedy, Arastoo would have been dead in less than a theatrical hour - actually, within four hours of narrative time, that is, within the hour of this episode.

The key is to find the antidote.  Since it's pretty clear that the virus-bacterium was deliberatedly designed, and here in the United States, finding the designer is the only way Arastoo can be saved - because, he or she  presumably developed an antidote, not wanting to die if the virus-bacterium gets inadvertently set loose or even if the evil designer gets accidentally infected like Arastoo.

To keep us on the edge of our seats, the bad guy is identified.  He could save Arastoo who hasn't much time left, but rather than revealing the antidote, the designer wants his lawyer.  So near and yet so far from a happy ending.  Booth's tough guy approach doesn't rattle the bad guy.  Cam's emotional appeal - fine acting by Tamara Taylor - certainly got to me, but also had no effect on the bad guy.  To reveal the antidote would be to admit his guilt, as someone in the room explains.

There's only one move left.  Bones grabs a syringe, tells the guy it has the virus-bacterium, and injects him.  Now the guy has to figure that going on trial for murder, and maybe being sentenced to death, is preferable to dying in a few hours from his concoction.  So he gives up the antidote (off camera), and Arastoo is saved.

I guessed the last twist - that Bones injected him with nothing dangerous.  Except, I figured she did this because she didn't want to go to prison.   But the bluff was more noble than that.  Bones tells Booth at the end that she would have injected the bad guy with the real bug if she'd had it in that syringe.  And that makes sense, because the real thing would have really made the guy sick, which would have encouraged him to reveal the antidote in case he thought Bones was bluffing.

And it also tells us that Bones would have been willing to risk her career and even her freedom to save Arastoo.   A perfect ending to a perfect episode.

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