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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Revolution 2.6: Heroes and Villains

A good Revolution 2.6 tonight, but I guessed the ending long before Rachel started digging up that grave site.  After all, Rachel listens to Charlie, whatever Rachel may say to the contrary.  And Rachael prepared the lethal dose that her father administered with pleasure.  So I could see it coming that it was less than a lethal dose, and Rachael would be digging up the unconscious but not dead Monroe shortly after he was buried.

What I didn't see is that the doc, Rachel's father, would be the mole, feeding the faux US patriots what they need to know.  Whether the doc is doing this to protect his family, or there's something wrong with him - as there is with so many other complex characters on this show - is not clear.  But this development will make for good plot developments in the future (including the chance that the doc is actually a double agent).

So the doc is presumably a villain, Monroe is a villain who may be redeemed - at least, somewhat, in Charlie's eyes - and that brings us back East to Tom.   He's been nothing but a hero this season, and he's now faced with the daunting task of bringing his brainwashed son back to his senses.   This brainwashing is an interesting development, because it leaves open the possibility that some of the baddest asses in the faux patriots are not that bad, just brainwashed.  Which means they could be turned back to good.

The ultimate disposition of brains is probably the most decisive factor in this season of Revolution - most importantly, Aaron's.   The ability to be a fire starter - in Stephen King terms - pretty much trumps all, except a launched nuclear weapon, and for all we know the nanites that Aaron commands can stop that too.  The coming attractions promise a hunt for Aaron, which will be worth watching, since he and his formidable powers are now the focal point of the series.

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