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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Helix 1.5: In the White Room

An uneven episode of Helix - 1.5 - last night, in which no real progress is made on the scientific puzzle, but lots of good action comes down in the murder and human relationship departments.

Among the high points in that action -

  • Sarah impulsively kisses Alan, and he doesn't mind it at all, emotionally, those he berates Sarah afterward for professional reasons.  He's particularly unhappy about the morphine being the impetus for Sarah, though he doesn't yet know the real reason she's taking it.  In any case - I think they make a good couple, despite their age differences.
  • Daniel kills Sergio, after Sergio tries to kill not only Daniel but Alan.  It wasn't clear to me how Alan survived, but he did.   And it was good to see Sergio get his just desert, after his cold-blooded murder of Doreen via air-bubble last week.
Also on the positive side was use of "white room" - from which the episode gets its title - revealed to be not a room in the facility, but the whole facility location itself, or everything around and outside of the facility, which being located in the frigid Arctic is indeed one big white room.

But, otherwise ... Alan now knows that Doreen was murdered, and he's guessed why she was murdered, but he still doesn't know the specific knowledge which Daniel was try to squelch, or keep Alan and the team from knowing.

And although Hiroshi is doing a good job of disguising his involvement, we still don't what exactly what  he's involved in, other than it producing the zombie-creating virus, which we pretty already knew.  Lots of good leads and possibilities for Helix.  I'm looking forward to seeing more of them rolled out.  In the meantime, I had Arctic char for dinner last night - delicious!

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