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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Revolution 2.14: Time Travel!

Revolution was back with the 14th episode of its second season last night, which ended with a surprising turn to my favorite staple of science fiction: time travel.

I've been not overly thrilled with the nanite story so far, especially the mystical elements, which take the series out of science fiction and into fantasy and mythos. So, on that account alone, it was great see Aaron suddenly transported back to 2014 as he struggled to put the nanites out of business for good, by introducing a virus destructive of the nanite code.  My assumption is that the nanites had to be responsible for whisking Aaron back in time, as a way of saving themselves from his attack.  Any other source would be a ridiculous and unfounded rabbit out of a hat.

And time travel could be just the thing to really galvanize Revolution.  The Faraday time travel story did wonders for Lost, even though it couldn't save that series from the worst ending to a great series in human history.  And the possibilities of what Aaron can do back in 2014 to change or regulate the future are legion and tempting.

Meanwhile, back in the future, Charlie gets some good cards in her hand, as well - or, actually, a handful of fighting men who are under her sole control.  This could be another way of jump-starting the series, with Charlie now in a commanding rather than supporting role in the narrative.

Does Revolution need jump-starting?  Well, it's been a pretty good season.  But, yeah, it could use a little jolt, and time travel, if done well, is always in the market to do that, even if the new Charlie command doesn't work out.

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