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Friday, February 21, 2014

Helix 1.8: Glacial Speed

I know that things move slowly in the extreme cold, but in the case of Helix 1.8, that apparently applies to the speed with which the story unfolds.   The one good result of this is that we're still in suspense about what is really going on.  But there's only so long that a plot can stay in the deep freeze.

Ok, one big change did occur in 1.8, but that concerned a major player who was just introduced to the series last week.   It was satisfying to see Sutton garroted to death, especially after Alan and Sarah's attempt to get rid of her figuratively blew up in their faces and not enough in Sutton's to more than muss her hair.   And, yeah, it was good to hear Hiroshi say we're back in charge, and with it the hope that we'll soon be getting some answers.

But where are they?  Implications of aliens and beasts, almost reminiscent of what resides beyond the wall in the north in Game of Thrones, are shown to us in every episode, but it's time we found out more about them and their connection to what's going on in full view on the screen.  The eyes like silver dollars are a good clue, but we saw that last week, and learned little more about them tonight.

In many ways and with just a few exceptions, Helix is still playing like a very good prologue to what we can only hope is a better story beyond.   Prequels can work very well, but only when we already know what they are prelude to.   In the case of Helix, we can only guess, and not with very much information, about what lies ahead.

There's lots that's possibly good about this series, and I just hope that the upcoming episodes confirm this.

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