Friday, February 14, 2014

Helix 1.7: Bright Eyes

Finally some progress in our understanding of what is going in Helix in 1.7 tonight, mostly from Constance Sutton played by Jeri Ryan, who arrives with an expeditionary team to get some answers, results, and in general command of what is going on.

The first thing we learn is that Sutton and her team are not government but the facility's corporate controllers, and we soon hear from Sutton, in a conversation with a distressed Hiroshi, exactly what the corporation wants: a virus and a cure.  A virus, moreover, which will kill everyone the corporation wants dead, who will be given the virus but not the cure.  Further, to make matters even worse, Sutton learns from Hiroshi that the zombies are products of a second virus, which didn't quite work out, but turns its victims into foaming, raving lunatics rather than just killing them dead.

And there's one more thing: Sutton's eyes have an alien gleam - literally.  So who, then, is the "we" that Sutton references when she says that "we have waited too long"?  Aliens?  Humans who were already exposed to some kind of virus?   Not enough info on that, as yet.

But Julia, who was exposed to the virus, has lost all of her symptoms and developed a new one: she, too, now has bright eyes.

So the fog may be finally beginning to lift around Helix.  And this time l liked the music - "Fever" by Peggy Lee, which makes good accompaniment to a virus, alien brewed, engendering, or otherwise.

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