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Friday, February 21, 2014

Banshee 2.8: Sneak Preview Review

Continuing with my sneak preview reviews of Banshee - this time, episode 2.8, set to air February 28, 2014 - courtesy of a screener disk provided by Starpulse. As always, these reviews will deal in generalities and avoid specific spoilers.

Racism is the theme of this episode of Banshee - with an escalation of Hood's attack on Proctor - in two separate threads of the story.

Among the most significant elements -

  • Someone we haven't seen hurt before gets punched out in the street and ends up in the hospital
  • Someone we haven't seen under arrest before ends the episode screaming in handcuffs
  • Someone who was the soul of self-control loses it for entirely understandable reasons and  may as a result be occupying a different position in the story
Hood continues his unique brand of keeping the peace, enabling the escape of criminals in the act at the start of the episode and ready to countenance a highly unlawful act near the end.  Meanwhile, he uses extra-legal means to go after Proctor.  Brock and Siobhan variously notice some of this, and guess who tries to have a heart to heart talk with Hood about it.

Only two episodes left, and the battle between Proctor and Hood is boiling.

And I'll be back here between February 21st and 28th with my sneak preview review of episode 2.9.

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