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Friday, February 14, 2014

Banshee 2.6: Sneak Preview Review

Continuing with my sneak preview reviews of Banshee - this time, episode 2.6, set to air tonight, February 14, 2014 - courtesy of a screener disk provided by Starpulse.  As always, these reviews will deal in generalities and avoid specific spoilers.

This episode of Banshee had two big surprise twists, each stunning and unforeseen in its own way, though there was groundwork in retrospect for each of them.

Among the major elements of 2.6, some of which have to with the twists, some of which do not, we have -

  • a new character in town, with an accent, who handles himself very well
  • Brock stoking his suspicions of Hood, and getting a little evidence in hand
  • lots about young Hood, who again gets some good loving, and more
  • Proctor in his cat house, and just what you'd expect to see there
Proctor continues to be the fulcrum of this season, making things happen even more than Hood, who in this episode reacts more than instigates.   One of the best things about the series and the way it's been presented is that the essential insanity of Hood's position - pretending to be someone he isn't - is never far from the surface, and threatens to erupt and disrupt at every turn.  It's not the source of the major shockers in episode 2.6, but it plays a role, and makes at least one of the shockers that much more unexpected.

And I'll be back here between February 14th and 21st with my sneak preview review of episode 2.7.

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