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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Da Vinci's Demons 2.6: Meets Charles Dickens

Well, Da Vinci's Demons finally veered off into the mystical last night, in episode 2.6, which I was hoping all season it wouldn't do.  For me, life after death, the living walking in the realm of the dead, just isn't as interesting as the straight-up scientific history and science fiction which has animated most of Da Vinci's Demons this excellent season.

Still, the episode had its moments.  Over in South America, it was fun to see our young Da Vinci converse with his older self, on his deathbed, even if the scene was reminiscent of Dickens' Christmas Carol and lots of time travel stories over the years.   And the battles that Girolamo fought on Da Vinci's behalf were fun enough to see, even if the outcome was foreordained, i.e., there's too much story left for Girolamo to let him to die, let alone Da Vinci.

Better was Lorenzo in Naples, triumphing over his cruel and deadly captors, thanks to prompts his own imagination in the form of his late brother gave him.  Though Da Vinci wasn't there, you could see his hand in the crucially careful sub rosa figuring Lorenzo did to land in arrow in the horse (which was masterful, even though I did feel a little bad for the horse).

And it was good to see Lucrezia, both in Da Vinci's vision as he was obliged to make love to the high priestess in America, in one of the hottest scenes this season, as well at the doorstep of Constantinople, which was already Istanbul, i.e., the Byzantine Empire had already fallen to the Turks.  In effect, the narrative of Leo has now branched out in two directions, to the New World to the West, and the new Ottoman Empire to the East.

Looking forward to seeing where this gets us, next week.

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