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Monday, April 21, 2014

Game of Thrones 4.3: Who Will Save Tyrion?

Well, it looks as if  Little Finger, who had diminished to almost no role in last season's action, was behind the murder of King Joffrey last week.   His saving Sansa, which also suits his own goals of making someone other than him look like the killer, certainly supports the view that he was responsible for the poison.

Not that other major characters are not without powerful motive.  As Tyrion aptly says, everyone other than Cersei, who if nothing else loves her children, is suspect.  Certainly Stannis Baratheon is well served by Joffrey's demise, and, who knows, maybe that worm he consigned to the flames had some magical effect.   And Olenna articulated the benefits of Joffrey's death to her granddaughter - though we learn that because she didn't consummate her marriage with Joffrey, she's not really a full-fledged queen.

The most interesting developments continue to be in King's Landing, though we got some good scenes with Daenerys and in two places up North.   But Tywin's prepping of Joffrey's young brother for kingship, Jaime and Cersei, and most of all the progression of Tyrion for trial were all primo.

Again, I haven't read beyond the first novel, and the television series has shown us there's no telling about what might occur, so we have to assume that Tyrion is in real danger, even though he's the best character in the narrative.   Will Tywin let his son be put to death - much as his son's an embarrassment - and even though Tywin, savvy as he his, must know that it wasn't Tyrion who did the deed? Probably not, but I wouldn't bet on it.  Jaime wouldn't ordinarily let his brother be killed either - and he stands up for Tyrion to Cersei - but he's pretty much indicated in the past that he'd do anything for Cersei.  Has he changed so much that his devotion now has limits?   Also hard to say, and he does certainly still desire Cersei.

Season 4 is shaping up as the best season so far, with riveting story lines in the center and all the peripheries.

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