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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Blacklist 1.20: Unanswered Questions

An interesting Blacklist 1.20 last night, which seemed to move the major story of Lizzie and Red along a bit, but actually did not, or only barely.

Indeed, the best part of the episode concerned the villain de jour - the Kingmaker, played by Linus Roache, who brought the same presence and power to the role that he does for King Ecbert on Vikings. The other significant part of the episode involved Red's interactions with the Fitch (Alan Alda) nefarious group. Anything that peels back a little more of Red's ultimate doings on The Blacklist is a good thing.

But not much was revealed or moved forward regarding Lizzie and Red in this episode.  Yes, she finds out that Red killed her adoptive father and calls Red a monster for this, even though Red explained himself pretty well.   But we still know zero about Red's relationship with Lizzie, and, most crucially, whether he's her father or other blood relative or whatever.

In other words, here, in the final episodes of this first season, we still know next to nothing about what has been motivating Red in his relationship with Lizzie.  It's a mostly protective relationship, in which he usually is looking out for her interests, but not always.  For example, although he warned her about Tom, why didn't he do more than just express misgivings and irritations?   He was so sure that Tom was "the good guy" he said he was - whatever that is - that Red was ok with his beloved Lizzie asleep with this guy every night?   Or was it because Red had and has some interest that supersedes his protection of Lizzie - perhaps saving his own skin?  No, that doesn't quite jibe with what we've seen, either.

The Blacklist moves towards concluding its first season as one of the major mysteries on television today.

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