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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Revolution 2.19: No to Nanites, Yes to Post-Apocalypse

Watching Revolution 2.19 tonight, after a four-week hiatus, it became more clear to me than ever how much the nano-tech story has hurt this series.  It connects to almost nothing.  Although it lead to at least one good episode - the Aaron thinking he had gone back in time thread - it lingers now in the series like a vague, bad dream.   It may lend some profundity to whatever happens at the end, but at this point it's contributing nothing.

For example, it didn't save Miles, which would have been a nice touch.   On the bright side, Miles had one of his best episodes as he managed to find his commitment to life and claw his way out of the cellar he had fallen into.   Charlie had a strong episode, too, as she struggled to recover from the trauma of killing Jason.   Tracy Spiridakos put in her most powerful performance of the season, as Charlie stood up to Tom.

The series would be much better if it was just a post-apocalypse narrative.   Seeing swordplay as common as gunplay, and fighters on horses with talk of nukes, continues to be fun.   The personal relationships are also being handled well, and are still capable of some surprises.  Bass kissing Rachel tonight was unexpected.   Her response was predictable, but who knew after all these months that his anger at her was at least in part fueled by good old-fashioned desire.

There's a lot of life left in this season, and I would say for seasons ahead if the series is given a chance. The new United States as villain was a good touch, as was the foray into Mexico earlier in the season, and the suggestion it holds for what might be going on in other parts of the world.

Just gives those nanites a rest.

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