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Monday, April 28, 2014

Game of Thrones 4.4: Glimpse of the Ultimate Battle

Well, Game of Thrones 4.4 confirmed what I said in my review of 4.2 - that Oleena was the one who pulled the strings on Joffrey's killing.  And also what I hoped for after 4.3 - that Jaime would in some way come to his brother's defense.

Tyrion is of course still not out of danger, but with Jaime now somewhat on his side, and non-Lannister forces maneuvering for power in and around King's Landing, Tyrion's prospects looks a little less dire. Indeed, in 4.4, the most dire and amazing things are happening way up north.

That scene with the blue-eyed baby at the very end of the episode was chilling indeed.  At this point, it's looking as if Daenerys and her army and dragons will easily overwhelm everyone at King's Landing, and indeed in Westeros.    But will her army and dragons be a match for the strange beings in the ethereally deadly realms of the north?

The ultimate conflict between fire and ice has been implicit from the outset of the series.   The struggle between Lannisters and Starks, now nearly won by the Lannisters, pales in comparison.   And the two sides - the fire of the dragons and the specter of the north - are very different. Daenerys obviously has connections to King's Landing.  Her family has a history with it, to say the least.  And she controls, at least at this point, all elements of the fearsome force she is amassing to reclaim her throne.   But the powers that be up north are something else, something literally out of this world.   Other than their presumed loathing of humans and the south, their ultimate motivation is not clear.   For that matter, even their very being - what exactly they are - is unclear at this point.  And this makes them more terrifying than Daenerys and her dragons.

The game continues to be played with deadly and exciting effect in the middle.  But the ultimate story and action continue to build on the margins.

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