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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Da Vinci's Demons Season 2 Finale: Nobody's Business But the Turks

Well, Da Vinci's Demons had a great surprise in store for the very last moment of its second season finale:  Da Vinci at least sees his long sought-after mother - on the lead Turkish ship that Da Vinici has set his cannon to fire upon, in his attempt to save Italy from the Turkish invasion.

Da Vinci's DemonsIt's a nice irony indeed, in a season full of ironies and strange reversals, fortunately for the most part of the political not the supernatural kind.  Last week we discovered that Cosmo's grandson was a bad guy. Earlier we learned that Lucrezia's truest allegiance was not to the Pope, but the Pope's imprisoned brother, who is her father.   But Da Vinci's beloved mother on the Turkish ship takes the cake, especially since Da Vinci's traveled halfway around the world in the opposite direction in his fruitless attempt to find her - in addition to his fruitless attempt to find that strategy-withering Book of Leaves.

Lucrezia and Da Vinci still love one another, and that was good to see.   Somewhere in the future of this series they'll be together, unless one of them gets killed, and that would have to be Lucrezia, if this series remains true to what we know historically of the real Da Vinci's life.

So the stage is set for a third season, with the fuse literally a split second from igniting the cannon, which will destroy Da Vinci's mother.   I don't see how Da Vinci can stop the ignition at this point, but he may have something up his nimble scientifically calculating sleave.

And there are good characters poised to come on strong.   Vanessa's now set to be in charge, as the mother of the only Medici now in the city of Florence.   And did I hear something about Nico being Machiavelli, long before he wrote The Prince?

The second season of Da Vinci's Demons was considerably better than the first, and I'm looking forward to the third.

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