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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hell on Wheels 4.8: Aftermath and Rebound

Hell on Wheels 4.8 brought us the aftermath of Cullen's mercy killing of Elam last week.   But other than Cullen's explaining that the Elam he killed wasn't the Elam he and we all knew, we got little more of Elam tonight.  That book is closed.

One delayed result of what happened last week is Naomi going back to her father and her community.   Cullen catches up with her on the trail, but he decides not to stay with her and their son after one night back in her Mormon home.   She's understandably not completely optimistic when he vows that he'll return.

But with Elam gone and Naomi safe, the decks are now cleared on Hell on Wheels for Cullen to confront the threat that's been looming and growing all season.   That would be Campbell and his particular enforcement of the law.  Campbell is probably someone who can best Durant, but the ultimate test for Grant's appointee will be what he can do against Cullen - who, lest we forget, has Grant's favor, too.

Campbell's opening gambit tonight of making Snow the new marshal was a masterstroke.  Snow has shown himself quick-witted and ever willing to mete out deadly force.   Left to his own, and now backed by Campbell, Snow could bring Cheyenne to heal.    He's made some progress to that end already.

Hell on WheelsThe last scene tonight sets the state for what will be coming.  Cullen straps on his gun.   He can take Snow, but Cullen is outnumbered.   He'll have to break some people out of prison now, and get Mickey out of hiding, to equalize the odds.   There'll be a good, big battle ahead.   As they're saying in the currently ubiquitous Jaguar commercial, it's good to be back.

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