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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ray Donovan 2.11: Out of Control

If Ray has one problem, it's his temper - and the way it's provoked whenever Mickey's involved.

Take tonight's episode 2.11, for example.   The last thing Ray needs is to be in police custody. Cookie's a threat to Bridget, Kate's about to write a story that will hang him, and what does Ray do? He goes at Mickey a second time, a few seconds after the cops warned him to cool it and he assured them he was all right.

But Ray's also been out of control with Kate.   Not that he should kill her, as Ezra wants, pursuant to the Yiddish principle of Rodef that no one ever heard of, including me.   But shouldn't Ray try to figure out some strategy to get Kate off the story?

He's tired, as he has every right to be.   But the essence of this show is that Ray, of all people, is able to surmount the turmoil that daily is on the verge of engulfing him.   My guess is he will, somehow, next week, in the Season 2 finale.

But here's what we're left with right now -
  • Terry's likely in police custody, too.  Ray knows this, which makes his loss of control with Mickey and the cops even more vexing.
  • Abby's getting a gun, to do the job with Cookie that her detective boyfriend couldn't bring himself to do.
  • Cochran's still in command, at least of the LA FBI office, and he's desperate - which makes him a danger, too.
Looking forward to next week - and, for that matter, next season for this ever-pulsing, dirty drama.

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